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Tables be gone!

If yesterday’s change was too insignificant for you, how’s this? Well, I did hint at a re-design 😉
I actually rewrote the HTML almost from scratch, which allowed me to experiment with using a tableless design, like on WannabeGirl and various other sites. Instead of using table tags to arrange the layout, sections are marked using div tags which are given absolute positioning using CSS. Although it means it looks terrible on older browsers, it does allow the page to load more sequentially, instead of one big lump. Or at least it would if Enetation’s server wasn’t so slow…
The Geek Code has gone, if only temporarily, because it looked messy when put on the sidebar -it may return at the bottom of the screen sometime in the future. The RSS link has swapped place with the ‘Open in new window’ script, and users of can instantly add me to their blogrolls, if they wish (please, pretty please :). And by moving the PermaLink link so that it is above the text, I hope that the RSS feed will parse it as being the correct link…
Oh yeah, the bank account. I haven’t got it. I think I picked the single worst day to get a student account from Abbey National – they’re changing the accounts tomorrow, as luck would have it, and it means I loose out on my

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