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Super SSI

I’ve changed the site code again. You probably won’t notice, unless you have JavaScript disabled, in which case you will.
Basically, I’ve moved over to SSI, so the entire layout is controlled by external files. Each page now consists only of content – the rest is added on the server. That means I don’t need to update every page when I want to change the design (which may be soon – I’m getting bored of this one :). The guestbook doesn’t support SSI unfortunately, but I guess that’s a minor caveat.
There is a good reason why I didn’t do this sooner – until now I thought you had to rename all the file extensions to .shtml. Since I know some of you have linked articles, changing the extension would break all of the links. Fortunately, since this server runs on Apache, I was able to add a .htaccess file, which told the server to process SSI on .html files, and all was rosy. Thanks to newwave for that.

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