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Servers, emails and firewalls

Ugh… the ODP is slow again – staff reckons it is an automated script that is caning the Add URL mechanism and effectively DoSing the whole site. A fix is being worked on, but it could be a while. Ho hum…
I’ve finally caught up with my holiday emails (and thanks to Fred Langa for featuring X-Setup today :)), and have now got the four non-dynamic pages on this site to be W3C-compliant – they are the Bio, Contact Me, Blog Archive and Webcam pages. The Bio also got a minor update.
I also got around to updating ZoneAlarm to version 3.1 (I’ve been using 2.6 up to now). Apart from the UI changes, there aren’t many new features, other than when alerts are set to off, the system tray icon doesn’t flash to say you have an alert – which is good, because I hated that :). And despite what I’ve heard from people, it is as efficient as past releases, in my experience.
And congratulations to Ciaran, for passing his driving test :).

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