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Why I hate the Religious Right

One of my fellow editors, bunda, mentioned something interesting in his weblog, and it reminded me of something I read in the Guardian this morning, about atheism in America, taken from the Free Inquiry.
I was shocked to read this quote from George Bush Snr: No, I don’t know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots.. As the article put it, To see how outrageous this is, try substituting ‘Jews’ for ‘atheists’. Why do people, particularly some Americans (emphasis on the some), have such a problem with us atheists? They seem to be okay with Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and the like, who also believe in a God (or gods), but can’t understand those who don’t believe any God, and accuse us of being “communists” (so… okay, I occasionally get communist tendencies… doesn’t make me a bad person does it?).
What scares me is the “Religious Right” of America who lobby state officials to introduce laws that hinder atheism, like in Alabama where biology textbooks carry a warning sticker to remind people to take the theory of evolution with a pinch of salt. Now I’m not going into which theory I think holds the most water, but that’s just not fair. You don’t see that on copies of the Qu’ran do you?
Sorry for ranting, but this really got my p*ssed off today. It just feels that some places in the States are oppresive towards other religions. Like the Taliban in Afghanistan, or in Saudi Arabia, or Iraq. And I don’t see Alabama on Bush’s “Axis of Evil”…

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