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A quick look at the headlines

I don’t normally comment on news much, but seeing as it could be another hour until I’m back into dmoz, here’s my opinions on the following news articles…
Iraq invites UN weapons inspector to talks
Good move! However much I hate Saddam Hussein, I have to applaud his government (?) for making this decision. If the situation in Iraq can be sorted/alleviated without violence, then I’m all for it. Bush is going to have an even harder time getting allies together for any war on Iraq – Europe is opposed and even Tony Blair looks like he’s switching sides. And there are elections looming.
ITV Digital ruling spells ruin for league clubs
Like the Neil Hamilton v Mohammed al-Fayed case, I actually wanted both sides to loose, since they are both capable of incompetence. Why anyone would want to pay extra to watch league (as opposed to Premiership) football is beyond me, especially as many people already pay for Sky Sports. Similarly, the Football League shouldn’t have been so reliant on money from a source that was already struggling. The fact is, no-one watched ITV Sport – in many cases, for the amount ITV paid per viewer per game, each viewer could have been taken to the actual match in a luxury limousine, have a seat in the priviledged box, have a meal, and then be put up in a hotel for the night. Hopefully, this is a large enough kick-up-the-arse for everyone to realise that the situation was spiralling out of control. So there will be casualties. But that’s the price for greed.
It’s also good that the BBC have taken over and brought in a sensible free package for Digital Terrestrial. The fact is, most people don’t want subscription channels to pay for on top of their license fee, and hopefully this way the ‘great analogue turnoff’ will be more of a reality. Digital TV is good – we’ve had it for 2 1/2 years – hopefully more people will realise this now that it has less commitment.

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