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Back from my holiday

Well, okay it’s still July, but I imagined that I wouldn’t have time to update before the month turned over. It was a great holiday – my arms are now honey brown colour from all of the sun. We had 3 days where the weather wasn’t so great, but the other days were all very hot and sunny – up to 41 degrees celcius at one point. Highlights included a return visit to Rocamadour, a very touristy but picturesque town built on the side of a canyon; Bordeaux, where I got a chance to do some real shopping 🙂 ; Sarlat, with its quaint little streets and shops; Chateux des Millandes, where I had an eagle land on my head (I’ll try to get you the photo); and stuffing myself silly on a 6 course meal at the local campsite. We managed to bring back about 60 litres of wine too – to put that into context, our car can take 60 litres of petrol on a full tank…
Tomorrow I’m off to Leeds for some retail therapy, and to buy a birthday present for my mate Tom, who turned 18 on Sunday. Happy B’day Tom!

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