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Mildly interesting day

Today has been a mildly interesting day, even though I’ve spent most of my time at home.
Firstly, some praise for Sennheiser. As I’ve probably mentioned numerous times, I’ve had problems with the cable that came with my Sennheiser HD210 headphones. I had been hoping to get the cable fixed at a local shop, but it would mean trying to find which section of the cable was faulty, since the shop couldn’t provide a replacement cable. Anyway, this morning, I had a brainwave? Why not contact Sennheiser directly for a new one? So I did. And a couple of hours later, I received a polite reply from one of their spare parts reps, telling me to post the cable to them for a free replacement (the headphones came with a two year manufacturer’s warranty). Good service, eh?
The cable is now in the post, and with a bit of luck, it’ll arrive on Sennheiser UK’s doormat tomorrow morning. And if their postal service is as a efficient as their emails, then it could be as soon as Thursday before I’m back in business :). Since I’m leaving the country on Monday for 2 weeks (more about that later), there’s a good possibility that I’ll be able to use these headphones on holiday :D.
I’m also happy about finding BoltBlue. Before going onto Broadband, we had Cable & Wireless (CWC) Internet Lite as our ISP, which then became NTL Internet Lite when CWC sold off their consumer division to NTL. Then NTL closed the Internet Lite service. What I didn’t know was that BoltBlue picked it up, though I didn’t care much because by this time I was on broadband anyway. Anyway, I finally found BoltBlue today, and reactivated the account, so I can finally update and the various other sites in that webspace, including the site for my venture unit.
Another site I’ve been using is The AA – their route planner and roadwatch services were very useful in planning what route to take for going on holiday, and as a result we’re taking a slightly different route to avoid some major roadworks around Silverstone.
So yeah, this holiday I keep mentioning. On Monday, I’m going away with my parents to France for a week and a bit – specifically to a town called Le Bugue, near Perigeux in the Dordogne area of France. Should be good 🙂

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