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BlogRolling’s caveat

While poking around the likes of BlogDex and Google Backwards Links, I realised something about Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great service… but… it doesn’t do much for the sites you link to.
The thing is that when BlogDex or the GoogleBot index your pages, they can only understand ‘static’ content – any code that is attached using JavaScript gets ignored. And, of course, this is what BlogRolling uses.
What this means is that these bots are not following the links that you include in your blogroll, simply because the bots cannot see the site links. That’s why my BlogDex report is looking somewhat sparse, and why Chris’ link to my blog doesn’t show up when you look up my backwards links on Google. It also means that my PageRank could be higher than it actually is…
Of course, there are solutions here. Google could make their GoogleBot understand JavaScript (though it’s unlikely), or BlogRolling could add support for SSI (server side includes). Maybe I need to drop a few hints over there?

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