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Importing Inconvinence

The divide is down – woohoo! It’s now Kate vs PJ – and like with Johnny vs Sophie I want Kate to stay in, but I don’t want PJ to leave. Though this time PJ is odds-on to leave on Friday, and while I still don’t like Jade, it would be unfair for her to be alone with four other guys.
I’m also somewhat annoyed with Microsoft. Well, okay who isn’t… but anyway, I discovered today that there is no way that you can import a Microsoft Works 3.0 or 4.x spreadsheet file into Excel, without having MS Works installed to convert the file to MS Works 2.0 format (or CSV). Great. So now all of those spreadsheets created in MS Works that we still have lying around are practically worthless.
Of course, we could install MS Works – it did come with the computer after all. But since we have Office 97, why bother? Interestingly, you can import Microsoft Works 3/4 Word Processing documents into Word (with an additional import converter download), but I think that has more to do with the fact that recent versions of the Works Suite have seen the word processing component removed in favour of Word.
I have to say, rocks! It’s on a par with Office 97, in my opinion, but without the hefty price tag and the security vunerabilities. MS can stick the

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