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Linky News

I’ve added a third blogroll for any weblogs that don’t fall into the ODP or Lockergnome categories. There’s three blogs there now, I’ll add any that I find and enjoy reading.
I’m also about to start work on a links collection, consisting of non-blog sites that I like to visit, or think worthy of a link (such as useful software sites). Actually, such a page has been on the cards for a couple of months (basically ever since I culled them from the main page), but I”ve never got around to it.
Well, my hair is cut – I went for a number 2 around the edges and a trim on top. I also ended up doing a lot of shopping… The printer was returned, and I got a new pair of Rockport boots (interestingly the two are different sizes: the left is a UK 6 and the right a 7 – the shop mixed them up, but gave us 10% off), a new pair of Reebok trainers, a pair of Cotton Trainers cargo pants trousers, a paella pan and a foldable laundry basket. Oh yeah, and an ice cream from Thorntons…
TeX has also created an email address for me – I’m not going to tell you what it is, but you can probably work out already what it is anyway…

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