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Freedom from college

Well, it’s official, I’m no longer a student. Or at least, not until September.
Yes, I’ve officially signed out of college. I had 10 books to return (weighing over 6Kg in total…), plus I had to surrender my NUS card (shock horror!) and college ID card. But it was good to bump into a few friends who I hadn’t seen for a couple of weeks (and may never see again 🙁 ) – I actually spent lunchtime over at a friend’s house, playing Unreal Tournement. I’m not normally one for games – basically because I’m a) useless at them and b) never have the time – but it was a bit of fun.
Though I’m free, I’m having a quiet evening in, seeing if it is Sophie or Johnny who gets evicted. It’s just a pity you can’t vote for ‘neither’ – although I’ve thought less of Johnny ever since Alison left, my opinion of him this week has improved. Jade and Tim are now the two I want out – probably Tim more than Jade (she does have some entertainment value after all). And I also like Alex a lot more too – maybe it was a good thing he stayed in. He certainly looks different having shaved, that’s for sure.
As much as I want her to stay in, I think Sophie is out tonight. Since approximately 65% of the Big Brother audience is female (it seems), I think Johnny’s good looks and the fact that he’s a firefighter will save his bacon. I want Sophie to go, but I don’t want Johnny to leave…
Anyway, time for some webloggy type stuff. The Guardian has an interesting spyware article, which includes a guide to the different types of evil programs. It includes the mandatory LavaSoft and ScumWare links (which I’ve added here to boost their link popularity in search engines – these sites need promoting), and a good number of reasons why you should avoid KaZaA.
The Guardian, who, it appears, are ‘blogophiles’ (I made that word up, but it’s quite good, don’t you think ;), also include a good guide to blog tools, mentioning Enetation and BlogRolling (though strangely not providing the links). It does, however, link to the rather boringly-named OnlineBlog, which is maintained by Jack Schofield and Neil McIntosh, two of the Guardian’s technology writers. It’s mostly a news blog, rather than a unique content blog, but is more opinionated than what is usually published on the main website.
Stijn, one of my friends from the recently improved Eurodance forum, posted a link to a webpage about blowing stuff up in microwaves. It includes photos too, plus the usual ‘don’t try this at home’ warnings. Actually, the bargain shop has a few microwaves available… no wait… I’d better not. Though the expanding soap looks interesting…

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