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The ‘Which File Sharing Client is it anyway?’ debate continues. MODatic, a friend of mine from the dBpowerAMP forums and webmaster of, was the first person to use the new Comments feature (other than for testing) to point me to Gnucleus, a free, open-source and spyware-free Gnutella client, which also forms the basis of the post-FastTrack versions of Morpheus. So, I gave it a try.
The interface is nice – it has native support for Visual Styles in XP, and it isn’t nearly as cluttered as WInMX. Downside? Barely any files that I wanted were available. So it was back to WinMX, which is now up to version 3.22. This new version apparently has bug fixes and “massive” network improvements, but is still as butt-ugly and cluttered as ever, even with a manifest file added to make it use the newer Common Controls library. But, at least I can get the files I want, and in a file sharing program, I guess that’s the important thing. I just wish KaZaA wasn’t so bloated or had so much spyware.
And if you’re interested, dBpowerAMP Music Converter Release 9 Beta 5 is out – it’s scheduled to be the last beta before the final release 9 on July 4th. New features over Beta 4 include a ‘Time Elapsed’ indicator on the conversion screen, to go with the ‘Time Remaining’ counter, offline FreeDB support and support for alt presets when using the Lame encoder. These presets give a big boost in quality (while still using the same file size) so they’re well worth using.

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