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From the Galaxy to the MX

So AudioGalaxy has all-but bitten the dust. It’s a pity, because I really liked the way it worked – you could queue up songs, even if they were offline, and then get them when the user that had them appeared. It was certainly miles better than Napster ever was.
Of course, it is still there, but none of the artists I want are on there – they’re all blocked, of course. I’ve even gone as far as removing the AudioGalaxy Satellite software from the computer, since there’s argubly no way that it will return to a state of usefulness. Darn the RIAA. Darn them.
So, like a number of others, I’ve migrated to WinMX. It’s more like Napster than AudioGalaxy, which, I suppose, is the reason why I’m less keen on it. It’s ugly, and you can only download what is available right now. It’s also incredibly slow at searching, probably due to its decentralised nature. But it’s better than nothing I guess, and it is completely spyware free (probaby because the company that makes it doesn’t need to pay for lots of bandwidth). KaZaA has overstayed its welcome on here, so that has now bitten the dust – finally my Ad-Aware scans come up clean (Ad-Aware 5.83 was released on June 20th – get it now from I refuse to support a company that effectively installs trojan horses on your computer – if I wanted the b3d projecter, I’d have installed it myself, thank you very much.
Speaking of WinMX, the latest version, 3.21, was released today. I couldn’t connect 3.2, so I had to upgrade – I don’t know whether other people have found this.
Also, I mentioned Blogatelle’s Test Archive Of Death a few weeks ago. Well, I’m mentioning it again, since it has moved (along with the blog itself) to, and has acquired a new, lighter design. Though interestingly it didn’t have the Evil Test that I did yesterday on it…

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