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My life according to me

Okay, I do have a little more time now 🙂

Firstly – a couple of site changes. The playlist is gone – I’ve just been inundated with song requests and I can’t keep up. All that remains is a dummy page with a robots tag to keep some of the spiders out (although as I understand it, the GoogleBot ignores these). To get an idea of the problem, take a look at the search terms in my site stats. The other change affects the Bio page – it now uses the new design and has a couple of updates (it now says I’m 18 :)).
So what have I been doing? On Wednesday I had a generally quiet day – I was made to clear away all of my college work (including a load of papers that ended up on the recycle pile) and we had some tree surgeons around to remove a couple of trees that my parents no longer want – including the large fir tree at the front of the house. When I say large I mean it – we’re talking three storeys high, and it is starting to lift up the paving slabs on the drive. And the neighbours don’t like it either (though it was planted befroe my parents bought the house 20 years ago). That said, I still thought it was a bit harsh to remove a perfectly good tree just because it was in the way – in fact, in most property developments now, they have to build around the trees instead of chopping them down.
Wednesday night was Ventures, and it was the first time I had been down in 4 weeks, mainly due to exams. We were out collecting items for our annual bargain shop (10am – 2pm on Micklegate, if you happen to be in York at anytime during next week ;), and actually had quite a successful night. I’m probably going to help out in the shop a couple of days next week, seeing as I’m not exactly doing much at the monent.
Thursday was another uneventful day, spent mostly editing for the ODP (as usual…). Today, after the England match, I went with my mum to go shopping in Leeds. I got a new pair of shorts and some cool sunglasses from Next – the sunglasses were only

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