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Why I hate the BNP

A quote from ‘Dave’, who has added the following to the guestbook:

Neil, before you slate the BNP check out their website first.Todays left are nothing more than a bunch of undemocratic egotists.My parents voted Labour when they actually stood for something.Today only the BNP stand for ordinary ,working class British. cheers.

‘Undemocratic’, eh? The Labour party were elected democratically, will hold a referendum before joining the €uro, and haven’t abolished the democratic system. How democratic do you want them to be? I’d like to see you trying to organise referendums for every major political decision, while ensuring that they are fair and unbiased.
As for working rights, which government introduced the minimum wage? I’m sorry, but I will never support a party that discriminates against people just because of their colour or religious beliefs, unless there is no alternative. And as it stands, there are plenty.
Admittedly the Labour government has its problems, and I don’t like all of its legislation (particularly the anti-privacy bill), but on the whole I’m pleased with it. I do tend to agree with the Liberal Democrats more, particularly with their comments about the current ‘Queen Mother’s Funeral-gate’ faff that the right-wing press seem to be obsessed with.

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  1. BNP is hate, hate and hate and nothing else. the majority of the supporters are people who were given the same great opportunities that our outstanding and thriving british culture (and multi-culture) offers. however, these losers failed to make anything of themselves.
    So now they blame the hard working members of the ethnic minority communities for ‘stealing’ their jobs. they dont understand that if the entire hard working population of britain was quashed these losers still wont be able to make any thing of themselves, or attain good jobs.
    the leaders may not be in this category if they have attained commendable positions then they are just using their bone-head moron supporters to gain easy political power.