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Nice in Norfolk

Had a nice weekend away – the weather was good and I did a lot of walking in the countryside. It was also great to see my relatives again, although I’ll be seeing them again when my cousin gets married in just under 4 weeks (26 days).
Since getting back I’ve been catching up on emails – most have been related to the problems we’re having with – Yahoo shut it down because of excessive traffic caused by us (temporarily) hosting X-Setup 6.2 (yes, it’s out – you can download it from the great guys over at MajorGeeks). We’re in the process of getting some kind of (permanent) solution in place – but that solution won’t be from Yahoo, I can assure you.
It does beg the question – why didn’t Yahoo warn us that this file was sucking up bandwidth, so that we could remove it? It was only there temporarily – though unfortunately it was there too long and as a result some sites may have ‘leeched’ it instead of linking to the MajorGeeks page. It is a sad fact that freeware authors have to face – I guess we’re going through what LavaSoft have been through lately. Talking of which, yesterday another reference file update was released.

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