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Springing into Summer

Like the new look? It’s inspired by RocketGrrl, a blog I found through Digital Dennis who in turn I found through C:\Pirillo.exe. Basically, Dennis posted a comment on Chris’ blog asking about screencam software, so I decided to email him about DeskCam and Argus (Argus can also act as a screencam and actually offers more options than DeskCam). I came across RocketGrrl while reading Dennis’ blog, and was very impressed by the design. While I’ve not copied it outright (I have neither the time nor the energy), I think the new look makes it feel more… ‘summery’.
The photo at the top is selected at random from a choice of three – unless you have JavaScript turned off, in which case it is static. The photos were all taken by yours truly in Barbados from my holiday 2 years ago – the photos were developed onto Kodak PhotoCD so loading them wasn’t difficult.
I may or may not post tomorrow – I’m going down to Norfolk for the weekend to see my auntie and uncle. See you then!

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