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Self-inflicted confusion

At the moment, I’m confusing myself. In an effort to reduce the neck strain I’ve been suffering, due to the poor sitting positions I’ve been taking with my laptop, I plugged in the monitor, keyboard and speakers of my parent’s computer and sat at the computer desk. It’s confusing because I can’t remember properly which computer I’m using, whether its my laptop or my parent’s desktop.
Been into town today – bought a few CDs (Agnelli & Nelson – “Everyday 2002”, Dario G – “Carnaval 2002”, Art of Trance – “Madagascar 2002” and Paffendorf – “Be Cool”) and also tried to get a replacement for my headphone cable, which has somehow become damaged. I couldn’t get exactly what I wanted, and what I got didn’t actually work in the end, but the guy in the shop said to come back later and he would solder something together for me, which is cool.

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