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Four Interesting Things

Well, yesterday was interesting. Firstly, there was the England game. And what a game it was. England played very well, and even though we won 1-0, that could easily have been 2-0 or 3-0. Howay the lads!
Secondly, Big Brother. I was very surprised to see Alison get evicted – I knew she wasn’t too popular (probably due to her weight), but she seemed like a really nice person. Though my opinion of Adele went down after last night – she appears a little two-faced. Who’s going to win? Johnny. He’s funny, reasonable and always up for a laugh. And he’s got a wicked accent 🙂
The third interesting thing happened when I was in the shower. My mum popped in, asking me if I could scan some stuff in to the computer. I said no, I’ll do it later. She then told me to do it now, because the police were here. This didn’t hit me at first, but then the consequences started running through my head. What if something had been stolen? What if someone had died?
Turns out he had called to get my mum to sign an entrance and search warrant – for the police to gain forced access to a property, they need to get the warrant signed by a judge or a magistrate (my mum being the latter). The warrant had to be copied for court records, and the officer, who had turned up in a marked police car and in full uniform (complete with truncheon and CS gas canister – British police don’t normally carry guns), had forgotten to copy it prior to arriving. So, it was… interesting.
Download Trillian 0.73And on a lighter note, Cerulean Studios have released Trillian 0.73, which includes improvements for MSN and Yahoo connectivity, more secure Hotmail sign-in (this was one of my main complaints – the password used to be passed in the URL) and various other bug fixes that weren’t mentioned.

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