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Argus problems

Argus is a great program, but there are a couple of things that are bugging me about it. One – there’s no option inside the program to make it start on bootup (though I can quite understand why you’d want this disabled). And two – its forgetfullness. Every time you run it, you have to enable scheduled snapshot, and then import the caption (which in my case is a time and date stamp). If Argus 2.1 is ever released, those are features I’d like to see.
As I mentioned yesterday, I’m having trouble with a CD-RW written by MS’s built in burning app. It’s worst than I thought – a good percentage of the files are damaged, so I may well need to wipe it and start again with Nero. In fact, where I can, I’ve been taking the original CDs and re-ripping them – although MP3 technology hasn’t progressed much I’m now using Ogg Vorbis more, so some of the longer songs get encoded in that, and it certainly does make a positive difference. At 160Kbps, the quality is barely distinguishable from the original, which will be good when I go to university – I don’t intend to take my 100+ CDs with me.
Someone in the #odp chatroom forwarded me this. Darn, why can’t my laptop be like that?

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