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Footy and the Orwellian game show

I’m really getting into the World Cup this year. Probably because I can watch the game while eating my breakfast. Pity England only managed a draw today – we could have scored several goals in the first half, but the game turned very scrappy in the second half, so we probably deserved a draw. Will we win? Probably not. We might get through to the second round if we’re lucky, though we’d face France that way (assuming we make second place, which seems likely). Though Senegal did beat France spectacularly 🙂

I’m also getting into Big Brother this year (they’re using the same theme music as last year), though I’ll probably like it more when there are less people in there. I was a bit annoyed when Lynne left – I kind-of liked her, along with Sunita, who walked out. She seemed really nice when she first came in – but I felt she was a bit stupid going in there and then leaving because she felt she had no rights and was claustrophobic. I could have told her that two years ago, and that’s only through watching the show.

Jade is the housemate I like the least, but in a way I want her to stay in for comedy value. Like Helen last year. Sandy is cool, though. And it’ll be interesting to see what Sophie will be like.

Today we went to the Golden Wedding Anniversary of my godmother’s mother (my godgrandmother?), and it was nice to meet a few new faces. And for once I wasn’t the youngest there – there were a few people my age, which was cool. Though most people remember me being 4 feet tall – I’ve grown another 2 foot since then… The weather was brilliant though, and we had a nice game of croquet – something I’ve not done for a while.

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