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All is beautiful in the laptop world

Ah… all is beautiful. The laptop is now set up as it should be – dual-booting Linux and Windows XP Pro with a LILO boot menu. Getting there was, however, less than beautiful.
Chris was kind enough to feature a program called Ultimate Boot Disk, which lets you create a boot disk armed with a huge arsenal of utilities, including a nice easy way of installing Windows 98. Which is what I did.
Once that was running (which only took 15 – a possible record for me), I fired up the XP CD-ROM and installed that as an upgrade. That took decidedly longer – between 45 minutes and an hour, I reckon. But it loaded fine, and I had a fully working system. The downside? The bootdisk had reformatted the hard drive prior to the Windows 98 installation. So, no Linux. Ack.
But, no worries. Within 20 minutes, Mandrake was back on the computer (the third time it has been installed this week…), and the two OSs now happily dual boot.
I’m now in the process of copying music and files across – the CD-ROM drive on the laptop supports CD-RWs so I was able to use the free CD-RW that came with the drive. That means I won’t have to create a new CD every time I want to copy a large file.
One thing that still needs to be set up is the internet connection. I saved you from my agression on Monday, when, after waiting 45 minutes in a telephone queue, NTL (my ISP, TV provider and phone company) told me they couldn’t help because I was running Linux, which they didn’t support. And that it was probably a problem at their end. But anyway, when I have time, I’ll try again from Windows. Which, unlike Linux, is able to play sound, hence the mass copying of MP3s and dBpowerAMP utilities.
Tomorrow is going to be a bit of a nightmare – I’ve got 3 exams to do. The first is the worst – Statistics 3 – but the two in the afternoon are my final two Computing modules. Wish me luck.

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