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Thunderclouds approaching

I’ve just heard a rumble of thunder. The rain is beating against the window. And yet about an hour ago it was sunny with blue sky. The weather has been insane lately – veering between sunshine and showers. It’s supposed to calm down by Wednesday, but it’s annoying to have to change from a raincoat to sunglasses.
Despite corrupting LILO and having to reinstall Mandrake, the laptop is working okay – though I’m still having trouble hooking up to the net. I’ll be on the phone to NTL tomorrow. Also, for some reason there’s no sound, despite the fact that it reports no errors in the sound system. Strange – it worked in Windows.
Another rumble of thunder. And this time it’s closer. And I’m sure I saw a flash of lightning. Better be saving my work…
Last night was good. Despite a few dropouts, it went well, and I managed to fill myself with adequate amounts of oriental food. Turns out all four of us (myself, Tom – my all time mate, Amy, his girlfriend and Roger who’s a good friend) are – hopefully – off to a Manchester university in September – Amy and Roger are going to Manchester, Tom is going to Manchester Metropolitan and I’m off to UMIST. We then came home and played around on Two-Way TV and watched the end of the Eurovision Song Contest. Congratulations to Latvia for winning, and for Jessica Garlick, the UK entry, for coming joint third – it’s the best we’ve done in a few years.
Today was spent with my cousins and grandparents – we had a meal and a good natter (and more presents – I got an Ikea desklamp and a battery recharger of my own).
Over at the ODP, there has been a staff change, with autumn replacing cptginyu as chief programmer. Autumn has been in charge of ChefMoz for a couple of years now, which is now widely expected to be shut down, due to the fact it wasn’t very successful – only 400 registered editors, of which about 50 or so were active, and barely any downstream data users. Good luck to Keith in AOL Music, and to Autumn, who I have no doubt in her programming abilities.
Still raining. Oh well.

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