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Sorry for last night’s somewhat rushed post – I wanted to get these pages updated in time for the Never Mind The Buzzcocks Eurovision Special on BBC2 last night (which was very funny and argubly one of the best for a long time – especially when Mark Lamarr responded to Kenny Logan’s threat of “Do you want to sit in that chair or wear it?” by modelling the chair). I forgot to mention that the playlist has been updated – not much new, but you might find it interesting nonetheless. Also, a bug on my part means the navigation is temporarily missing from the guestbook – this is because it is expecting to find the .js file on Xavier’s server and not mine. Silly me.
I’m currently excited at the prospect of another series of Big Brother starting on Friday – I watched the ‘How not to get on Big Brother’ programme last night as a pre-lude. It’ll be interesting to see what the theme music is this year – in the first series and the Celebrity Big Brother special, Element Four’s “Big Brother UK TV Theme” was used, and in the second series a remixed version was used.
It’s also only 4 days now until I turn 18 – and get to use Marissa 🙂

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