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Weekend of fun

Whew… what a weekend :).
On Saturday, I went down to Birmingham for a get-together of UK editors. The train was half an hour late into York (which is pretty much expected of Virgin Trains), but it did mean I got to the pub at 2pm on the dot (despite forgetting my map and directions). We had a good natter about editing and… ahem… real life, and of course drunk plenty of beer. It was interesting to see what everyone looked like – I recognised a couple of editors (hi Ciaran and Dave!) straightaway, and had a good natter to the rest. Even though I was there two-and-a-half hours, it hardly seemed like 5 minutes.
Getting home was fun – although the train was running to time at Birmingham New Street, we ended up spending about half an hour waiting in Derby for a new member of crew to turn up. On the way into Leeds I was watching out for the derailment which wasn’t cleared up until today.
Laptop stuff… after talking with some of the ODP editors I’m going to go ahead with the installation of Mandrake, but will format the entire HD as FAT32 and then let the Mandrake do the repartitioning. You can get an NTFS driver for Linux, apparently, but using it for writing data will probably corrupt the entire partition or something. Sounds like fun…

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