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Statistical Analysis

To pick up on something that Gretchen has been talking about, here’s a link to the Webalizer stats for this site. Most interesting are the search terms used – 4 people got here by typing ‘dbpoweramp‘ (this site ranks fifth on Google for that term, probably because Spoon let me host it on his server, and because I talk about it incessantly). Two people found it by typing ‘greenbuster’ and two by typing ‘neil turner’ (or maybe that was just me doing an ego-search?). But there are some interesting ones:

  • 600cp scanner driver free download
  • adding quick links to ie6
  • blocking realplayer
  • chris pirillo fan site gnome game (ranks 9th and 10th 🙂
  • crazy browser google toolbar
  • johnny vegas monkey itv digital download (woohoo!)
  • edexcel maths paper 2002 download (hmmm… sounds like someone is trying to cheat their exam 🙂
  • i/o error 4.83 client novell

It’s interesting how 5.27% of my traffic is actually the GoogleBot, and Scooter and Mercator have also been in. ODP editors seem to make up a lot of my traffic – one of the referrals is a topic in the one of the forums – and a few have got here by Google. Most are direct requests, though.
With a bit of luck, my Google PageRank rating will go up when they re-synchronise their Web Directory with the ODP, since it’s now listed a few times. You may also be interested to know that I submitted this blog to Syndic8 – a site that syndicates RSS feeds from weblogs. Priority is given to weblogs where the ODP category that it is listed in is mentioned in a meta tag. So you can guess what I did last night 🙂

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