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Lookout for bad fonts

Another late morning for me today – my French lesson is cancelled so I don’t start until 11:05. I ended up in a conversation with Chris last night over a bug in Outlook 2000 and XP, which initially he thought may have been caused by X-Setup. The culprit actually was the latest Cumulative Update Patch for IE which was released on Wednesday, and is available through Windows Update. The patch contains a bug which makes the search panel in Outlook revert to Times New Roman, or whichever Latin font IE is using, instead of using Tahoma. It’s a minor uglyness, I guess, compared with the potential issues that not having the patch may cause, but it’s something worth considering. I don’t use Outlook – only Outlook XP has Hotmail support so I use Outlook Express 6.0 instead – but in my opinion security comes before appearance. And besides, MS will probably fix it sometime soon. Probably.
Still no-go with Norton. I’m going to do what the site says and do a ‘clean’ boot, then re-install it. Meanwhile, Ciaran has been installing XP Pro, and has written a review of it. Looks like I’ll be doing the same in a week or two when I get this laptop – seeing as Samsung were kind enough to keep the System Software on a separate disc, I’ll probably just re-partition the drive for Mandrake (2GB should be sufficient, I think) and the rest will be for Windows XP. I’ll probably stick to using FAT for now – NTFS is nice but I don’t think it is supported by Linux. But feel free to prove me wrong.

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