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Anti-viral infection

Sorry for not posting yesterday – I had a minor crisis with the computer (yes… again…), this time of the viral variety. I tried to install Norton AntiVirus 2002, and, although it installed correctly, it wouldn’t work. The configuration wizard was blank, and I just couldn’t get Auto-Protect to enable itself. This was coupled with the long-running problem I’ve had with getting AVG to update.
On to Symantec’s knowledge base, where their first suggestion for this kind of problem is to check for k l e z, since this disables some of the common anti-virus tools. So, I downloaded their k l e z removal tool and ran it (obviously I couldn’t scan with Norton since it didn’t work, and AVG was using definitions from February). Fortunately it turned out negative, though even now I still can’t get the darn thing to work, even after three trips to LiveUpdate. Trying to activate the service manually using MS Management Console gives me an error, even though all of its required services are loaded and functional.
But I have at least solved the AVG problem. By stopping the AVG service, and then running the update, I was able to get the latest defintions, and have just finished scanning, with a negative result. Phew.
But having said that, please, please, please run the K l e z removal tool from Symantec, even if you think that you are not infected. This virus is a menace and needs to be stopped, if only so that Fred Langa will calm down. I’m worried about that guy.
The very fact that I have Norton AntiVirus may prick up a few of your ears. Yes, the laptop has arrived!. And yes, it did come with a recovery disc. Ah well, never mind. At least the bundled software (ie Norton – there isn’t really anything bundled) comes on a separate CD, so that if I do have to install XP Pro from scratch, at least I won’t lose out on the software.
It looks good though, if a little heavy (3.2Kg). It’s just a pity I still have 9 days to wait before I can use it.
Ventures was quite good last night – we went out to Snowball Plantation, with is a forest north-east of York with Scout facilities and clearings for camping in. We basically spent the night building a fire and then cooking vegetarian hotdogs and kebabs and toasting marshmallows on it. Though we were a little over-enthusiastic with the wood so it took a while before the fire had calmed down sufficiently for us to use it for cooking. And ironically, the two vegetarians in the group didn’t turn up…

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