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Laptop Arrival

Marissa has been delivered! She arrived at my mum’s office today, and will be coming home tomorrow :).
Yes, finally I will have my laptop (though I still won’t be able to use her until my birthday in 11 days time). I actually checked the spec on a few other sites (by doing a Google search for VM8090CT), and found out that it may have built-in support for 10/100BaseTX ethernet after all. Oh well, I kept the receipt for that Linksys thing – I can always take it back.
The only confusing thing is what OS it uses. Samsung UK and USA deny the existence of the laptop – I had to resort to Samsung Deutschland for product information. On its page it displays two different OSes – at the top it says Windows XP Home, and lower down it says Windows Millennium Edition! I’m not too fussed either way since I can easily put XP Pro over the top of either (or just reformat, depending what’s on there and whether I get the installation CDs or some noncy Restore CD), and Mandrake 8.2 will be going on there now that it is fully downloaded and burnt to CD.
It should also come with Word 2000 and MS Works 6.0, Encarta World Atlas 2001, AutoRoute 2001 and PictureIT. Okay, so Works isn’t great, but having Word 2000 will be nice. Better than nothing anyway.
Oh yes, and I’ve done something that is potentially very controversial. I’m now on AOL Instant Messenger. Now before you go and accuse me of removing my intelligence, I will say that I only signed up because it is supported by Trillian – I wouldn’t dream of downloading the AIM client. And to be honest, bar its warning and avatar system, it’s nowhere near as good as ICQ, which, I’ll admit is one of the best clients out there. If only it weren’t for the hard to remember numbers.
The computing exam was okay – some of the questions were a little ambiguous, but I’m reasonably confident nonetheless. It’s only 30% – in theory I could still have got a ‘B’ grade even if I hadn’t turned up (though I would have to have got every question on the other two exams totally right). An ‘A’ is probably still on the cards, then.
I spent the afternoon sorting out a widespread @link problem at the ODP – it’s something in the template that had either only just been introduced or had been generally ignored by us UK editors. Oh well, it’s fixed, and I now have over 100 extra edits under my belt. I’m also now 4 points behind on best editall (though second place), but I’m now ahead by 3 points in Most Persistent Forum Poster 🙂

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