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Several Software Updates

I spent the morning updating software. I now have the 5th Beta of dBpowerAMP Audio Player release 2, which allows you to re-order and remove columns form My Music Collection :). I also got the latest versions of the AIFF and MP2 codecs, which now properly support the new Professional Frequency Conversion routine.
I also updated Nero from to – the new features mostly concern DVD writing, but it’s always best to use the most recent version. Well, in Nero’s case – DeskCam obviously wouldn’t fall into that category…
I also bit the bullet and installed RealOne. I know that I said I wouldn’t, but it is mildly more stable, and David Hewson, in his column for The Sunday Times’ ‘Doors’ supplement, gave instructions for avoiding most of the privacy-jacking options. Still, I’ll be only using it when I have to. I really dispise that company.
Over at the ODP, where I’m still bogged down with unreviewed sites, the twice-annual Mozzie awards have opened for voting. I’m nominated for the first time, as Best Editall, Best Regional Editor, Most Profilific Forum Poster and Most Ubiquitus Editor. I doubt I’ll win any of them – there are some very good editors who are also nominated, and who deserve to win far more than I do – but to be nominated is nice.

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