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Editing and downloading

Got some editing done today, though I still have about 30 sites to eat through. Unfortunately I’m easily sidetracked, so I ended up adding a few country houses that I found on Yorkshire Entertainment. They included Rowley Manor, which was where my cousin Elaine got married about 18 months ago. It’s quite a good place, actually 🙂
I noticed that LavaSoft released another signature file update earlier in the week – though despite another scan it failed to turn up any new components (fortunately). DeskCam is now also up to Beta 5, but another annoying bug (the tray notification icon keeps appearing and disappearing, making the taskbar constantly resize) means I’m sticking to Beta 3 for now.
The great Mandrake download is now 2/3rds complete – I have CD1 and 2, and will download 3 tomorrow. Ciaran recommended a better mirror to me so hopefully it should be marginally faster than the 3

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