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Back online

Woo! I’m back online at home! The new 17″ monitor is great – it is digitally controlled (as most are nowadays) and has a very sharp display. It looks good too. It’s made by Relisys – I don’t know if it is a good make or not but York Computer Clinic, who sold it to us, say it is a very good brand.
Although I won’t be allowed to use my laptop (when it arrives) until my birthday (darn parents), I have a new gadget for it – a USB->Ethernet adaptor. It means I can use one of its USB ports to hook up to the broadband connection, or, if I end up at UMIST, their internet system. It’s made by Linksys (who I gather are a good firm when it comes to connectivity products). So why didn’t I just get an Ethernet PCMCIA card? Well, although Computer Prices UK (the service I used to find my laptop) lists such cards at prices as low as

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