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Need to relieve stress

Aaaaaaaaaargh! I’m so agitated! My computing project is now finally complete, and I’m ready to hand it in. Or at least I would be if I could actually print the damn thing off. Unfortunately the file server at college is down, so I can’t access any of the work I did yesterday or this morning to print it off. The tech staff keep telling me to try rebooting but it still isn’t getting through, and although I still have just over an hour before the deadline, I’m supposed to be doing a mock exam sometime soon. Admittedly the exam is less important – it’s merely a mock, that I may be able to take at a later date – whereas this counts for 5% of my Computing AS grade and makes me eligible for the next 25% that I pick up in the exam. So I’ll just have to keep waiting, and waiting…

But there is some good news. My mother rang me over lunch to day that she has taken the computer in to be repaired. She rang again, about 10 minutes later, to tell me it was indeed the monitor that had gone, and that she was getting a new one. So when I get home, I’ll be able to try out a new screen.

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