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Publicity attempt

I’ve updated the old screencam page so that it redirects to this site, with the hope of attracting visitors back to the new site (the guestbook already does part of this). Another fortunate decision I made was to host the title image on my (Blogger-incompatible) ISP webspace, so the old site now has the new URL in it. Okay, so the robots won’t know any better, but people might.
Today I’ve been up in the Yorkshire Dales (near Kilnsey), doing a spot of walking. Due to last year’s Foot and Mouth crisis, we couldn’t do much last year, but since the weather was nice, it was a perfect opportunity. It was also a chance to get some fresh trout from Kilnsey Park, though since the last time I visited, it has evolved from more than just a trout farm – it’s now a large visitor centre. Quite a good way to waste an hour or so.

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