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Themed guestbook

Just to let you know, I’ve updated the guestbook so that it looks the same as the rest of the site (ie purple and orange).
I also tried styling Bloggar with StyleIt XP (so that it would make more use of XP’s visual styles). Did it work? Sort of. The dialogs now have the look, but the main screen is still… grey. Oh well, it’s better than nothing, I guess.
The StyleIt app is actually very good – I’d recommend it to both users wanting their programs to look nicer, and to developers, wanting to…. make their programs look nicer. It alleviates the use for .manifest files, so you can have an XP-styled EXE without tagging on extra files – indeed the StyleIt app itself is a single executable file.
If memory serves me correctly, I found the program lying around on Axcels’s Max Speeed Windows Tips, a site that I’d thoroughly recommend. Especially since its webmaster, George Gumbos, is also an Xteqqer and because his page links to this one 🙂

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