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Mozilla RC1

Today I tested out Mozilla RC1. Being an ODP editor, which is a Netscape-run open source project, I thought I might as well see what my companions were running.
Am I impressed? Sort of. The interface is good, and I liked the tabbed interface. But it was let down by speed. Load-up and re-drawing times are considerably slower than IE6 (I’m on Windows XP here, remember), and after about 10 minutes I kind-of gave up. Though that was partly down to the fact that I didn’t have the Google toolbar installed, which I can hardly do without.
Will I use it more in future? Of course! You’ve got to remember that this program is still in beta, and still has a load of debugging code in it. I’m sure once that is out it’ll be as sweet as a nut, and I may even considering using it more. As it is, it was the most memory-hogging application that I was running at the time.
One consolation though; this site renders perfectly in Mozilla. Perhaps sticking to the standards has paid off after all 🙂

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