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Just to let you know: the screencam will be out of action for a few days – I upgraded to Beta 4 of DeskCam, but it contains a major bug (which I reported here) that stops it from working with JPEGs. I’ll downgrade soon though.
The weekend went okay – we travelled across to Stoke on Friday evening without much trouble – normally we’re stuck in traffic for ages but we were actually only 10 minutes later arriving than we’d intended. The party was on Saturday, where I bumped into a few people I hadn’t met in a while (and I think several plans for future meet-ups were made), and ate plenty of food from the buffet. On Sunday we went out walking (something I’ve not done for a while) with an obligatory stop at a pub for lunch.
I woke up to a considerable surprise this morning with regards to the French Presidential Elections – as I mentioned earlier I was studying this for my coursework, and was widely expecting a second-round showdown between Jacques Chirac (right-wing) and Lionel Jospin (left-wing). But no. Jospin came third, and Jean-Marie Le Pen, the candidate for the extreme right-wing National Front party came in second, with Chirac first. Jospin is now retiring, which leaves left-wing voters a tough joice on May 5th. It’s almost like choosing which arm you want to chop off – do you go for the lying and corrupt Chirac who has used his presidency as a way of avoiding prosecution and a possible prison sentence, or Le Pen, an elderley far right lunatic who described the Holocaust as a “detail of History”, is in favour of the re-introduction of the death penalty and wants to pull out of the EU?
I’m pretty sure that Chirac will win by a landslide, but I do have sympathy for Jospin, who was quite clearly the better candidate, even if his election campaign wasn’t the best. Let’s just hope the Socialists bite back in the parliamentary elections in June. The Guardian has a good special report on the subject here.

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