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Smidgen of Spam

Ah, spam. Despite expecting a deluge back in early March, I don’t seem to be getting all that much. I got the Nigerian money scam today (which interestingly wasn’t filtered since appeared to look like a legitimate email), but other than, I maybe get two messages a week. Considering my inbox has been active for 3 months and that I’m a very active netcitizen, I’d say that was good going – compare that with my last email account which was receiving more than this after about two weeks. Maybe I’m just more careful now…
It’s certainly not as much as what The Guardian hinted at this morning – that article seems to suggest that people get between 20 and 50 items a day. Even in my old address, I was getting about 10 a day (which is still annoying). Which, by the way, is now inactive, since I haven’t logged into it for more than 30 days. I think I’ll leave it to bounce stuff for a couple more weeks before I reclaim it – then I can use it for webforms and stuff.

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