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What tickles my TV fancies

As I said last night, I was watching Fifth Gear on Channel 5. It’s an almost exact clone of the former BBC2 show Top Gear, and is presented by former Top Gear presenters Quentin Wilson, Tiff Niddell, Vicki Butler-Henderson and Adrian Simpson. The only difference is that it has a commercial break in the middle, and only seems to last for just over 20 minutes instead of almost half an hour, as it did on BBC2. And it’s sponsored by More Than, the car insurance company, which bungs its annoying sponsorship advert before and every commercial break.
Another TV treat was a Time Team Special on a 9 month archeological dig on Channel 4. I’ve been a Time Team fan since its conception, and this special was quite interesting, since it not only looked at the finds and the historical context, but also at the funding and management of the whole operation. Plus, it was half an hour longer than the normal programmes on Sunday nights (now since finished). Since it was a longer dig, there was more discovered, and the summary at the end was more useful than on some programmes. This is one of my main criticisms of the series – they show all of the finds but fail to sum them up at the end, so the programme ends with loose ends still untied. There’s another one next week, so I’ll be watching that.
The downside? It meant I had to record Shooting Stars and Room 101 to watch at a later date. It was the last in the series – next week Never Mind The Buzzcocks returns, though without Sean Hughes.
Anyway, blog stuff. Hopefully this afternoon I’ll be able to implement a design idea that I’ve been brewing while I was away – it will see a new colour scheme and possibly some new pages, such as a biography or something. Keep you eyes peeled 🙂

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