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It’s purple, and it’s orange

So, how do you like the new look? Purple and orange are my favourite colours, hence the new scheme, but I feel it also makes it look a little less cramped. I’d appreciate your thoughts on this.
The sidebar has been re-arranged – my favourite links have disappeared for the time being (they may return on a separate page) and I’ve finally improved the Screencam page – although the image still resides on NTL’s server the actual page is located here. There’s also a Biog page, which will, eventually, have information about me, though that’s still work in progress. And all the archived pages have been updated too, so the whole site should look spiffy.
While stealing some JavaScript for the Screencam page from Chris’ blog (it now opens a popup window), I came across It should make linking to other people’s blogs much easier, though it is very much work in progress. I have registered, but will wait for the time being until the service has progressed slightly before actually using it on these pages.

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