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Evil player

Darn that evil Windows Media Player. Yup, it knocked my sound driver sideways again, so I’ve had to reboot. Admittedly, the computer was off all last night – I had a rampant Windows Update session and installed 3 new components (including an Application Compatibility Update, which fixes problems with KaZaA and Grokster amongst other programs), and rather than rebooting I decided it was just as easy to turn it off and then start up cold up this morning.
The RSS Feed should be a little more legible now, since I’ve removed the permalink marking code from between the <span> tags that it reads. I’ve also moved all of the style data over to the stylesheet – previously it was in both locations – and removed some redundant classes. All links should now open in this frame, unless you click the box above – previously some of the links at the very bottom of the page would always open in new windows. And the ICQ indicator uses slightly different images.
The Archive is starting to look quite impressive – I’ve been able to keep this blog up for 3 months now so there’s quite a number of posts there.

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