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Code updated

Just updated my BloggerCode, which you can read at the very bottom of this page. It is actually different to what it was previously – mainly because of longetivity. I think my GeekCode is still the same, and I don’t fall into the social group where BearCode would mean anything – a ‘bear’ is a colloquial term for hairy homosexual men, and while I may have an ever growing accumulation of body hair, I’m not gay. At least, I wasn’t when I last checked.
Talking of GeekCode, when I updated the template I mispelled the URL to the GeekCode site. It’s now fixed, but only on the recently updated pages – the older pages remain as they are. I’ll re-publish them when I make a later change.
And I’ve noticed that the Guestbook is still in its old skin. I’ll change then when I have the chance.
Anyway, I’m off to sleep soon, so I’ll see you tomorrow. Byeees!

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