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Bustin’ those greens

Good morning! Sorry for the lack of updates yesterday, I was rather busy, and here’s why.
Staff at the ODP have created a new permission – greenbuster (the page is public). Although there is already a greenbuster project running, this new permission integrates with the directory more fully – previously sites were sent across in batches to a non-public part of the directory where they were reviewed and then sent back. Now, in effect, it is just like editing in that category, except that you can only modify unreviewed sites, and any additions you make have to be checked by someone who can edit there.
Is it a good thing? Yes and no. It’s good for the more experienced editors (like me) who can now choose areas of activity and can do chainsaw operations to get rid of spam and junk, but for the less experienced editors, it’s not such a Good Thing?. At present, with the old system, it is monitored by the editalls, the catmvs and the metas, who all have a lot of experience and are able to give hints and tips. Now, any editor who can work in that category can approve edits, even if they aren’t very good. Similarly, deleting sites require no approval whatsoever, which is good for clearing the backlog, but may lead to some good sites being deleted accidently.
Why am I saying this? Because I’m now a greenbuster! But it gets better. I emailed the staff editor rdkeating25, hoping that I might get England…. and got United Kingdom! He even offered a small compliment of my editing! So yesterday was spent sifting through unreviewed sites, removing inappropriate ones and adding a few appropriate listings and altering erroneous listings that Robozilla flagged up on Thursday. The permission is still in beta testing (and there are a number of bugs) but I guess these will be ironed out over time. It’s a great idea though.
Today, I’m doing something, but I can’t tell you what since I’m surprising someone, and while I doubt they’re reading this, it’s best to make sure. See you later!

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