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Template Tweaking

I’ve done a little more template tinkering, which includes adding Jake Ludington’s blog and the ‘Penguin Cafe’, an ODP blog that I’ve posted to a couple of times. The guestbook template has also been updated to match in with the rest of the site.
Lately I’ve been checking out Razgo’s Multimedia Site – it’s actually quite a good resources for digital media news and software. You can even submit articles yourself for inclusion – a kind-of multimedia SlashDot, if you like. It’s somewhat biased towards dBpowerAMP, but is useful nonetheless, and I’ve already submitted two articles.
On the subject of digital media news, The Guardian published an article this morning about The Maths Behind MP3. It’s quite an interesting (and not too geeky) article about the algorithms used to create PCM Wave and MP3 files. It makes very interesting reading.

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