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Back in the land of the living

Wooo! We’re back online!
The site is now hosted free of charge by Illustrate (as you’ll see from their link) – big respect to Spoon who gave me the space. You really are da man!
Anyway, enough of the gangster speak, and back to some fill-in:

Bank Holiday Monday

In the morning I went with my dad to the York Model Railway Show, as I do every year. It was like most years, with some new layouts, and some that were the same as last year, though it did seem as if there were more layouts there than last year. I took a few photos (which need to be processed), and all in all, it was an enjoyable way to waste 3 hours.
After coming home for lunch and catching up on email and the like, we set off to Jessops at Monk’s Cross, where my dad bought a new gadget for the PC – a USB slide scanner. Unlike normal flatbed scanners, it only scans in negatives and slides, but does a much better job than our existing scanner (a Mustek 600CP), and is quicker too, partly because it doesn’t need such a high resolution and because our scanner uses a parallel connection instead of USB. It was pricy – £109.90 – but worth it. The drivers installed okay, though getting them to work was a little tricky. It kept coming up with a message about finishing print jobs, and to my knowledge, there weren’t any – there was no printer icon in the tray notification area either. I even rebooted, and there were no ‘please finish printing first’ messages.
But, having tried everything else, I turned the printer on, and, lo and behold, it started printing. It turned out that my mother had started printing something that morning and had not finished (the printer had run out of paper). Furthermore, Windows XP is able to keep jobs in between sessions. Once I’d cleared the document from the queue (it was 7 pages in colour – not very quick) and tried the TWAIN driver again, it worked without a glitch, and since then we’ve been scanning in various holiday slides, all of which have come out brilliantly.
I didn’t spend much time at the ODP today, due to the fact it had become the MDP. Yes, the ODP staff were up to their old April Fools Day tricks again. For more on the subject, consult rpfuller’s bookmarks – it includes links to some of the articles I also found.


Another quiet day, that I spent adding Model Railway Club sites, initially to my bookmarks, and later in Recreation, my latest category acquisition. There was a 6-month backlog of unreviewed sites in it! Other than that, I didn’t do too much, other than mosey around forums and such.


So, today. Again, just a general-moseying-around-day, though this afternoon I did go to the Orthodontist at the local hospital for a checkup. I had to wait nearly an hour and a half for my appointment, which only consisted of a quick poke around and a request to see me again in six months. Ah well.
Ventures is cancelled tonight since the leaders and half of the group are away on camp in the Lake District, so I’ve got the night in to do… something. See you tomorrow, hopefully :).

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