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Where I’ve been

Sorry for the lack of updates… I have two excuses:

  • The FTP Server at Portland has been down
  • I’ve been really busy

So here’s what’s been up:


Wednesday evening was Ventures as normal, and although we were supposed to be going to Snowball Plantation (a camping an outdoor centre north-east of York for Scouts and Guides), but we didn’t, since barely no-one turned up. And since I’m not going to Easter Camp next week, it’ll be April 10th before I’m there again.


Thursday was a lazy day, which I spent culling sites from Yahoo’s York category and adding them to the York category at the ODP. In the end, I found about 55 sites – so now there are over 500 sites in the York category! It also makes it the 10th largest city category, having pulled ahead of Peterborough with only 477 sites. And now it’s only 14 behind Leeds…

Good Friday

Today we popped over to see my grandparents in Brandsburton, near Hornsea (in the East Riding of Yorkshire). It’s the first time I’ve seen them since Christmas, and the first time I’ve been to their cottage in a few months. Since the weather was so nice, we went out to Flamborough Head for a walk and a chance to watch the seabirds – we even saw some puffins, who normally don’t come in for a few weeks yet (maybe the warmer-than-average weather we’ve had recently encouraged them). Puffins, by the way, are my favourite birds behind penguins, mainly because they have such weird beaks and fly in a humourous fashion, so I was quite happy to see them.
It was also the last ever day of the Big Breakfast, the off-beat TV show that has been running for the past 9

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