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Dangerous Downtime

Darn Blogger… yesterday it went down while I was typing that day’s message. Not only that, but the FTP server was down on Monday so today will be the first time you see that day’s entries. My apologies.
I’d also like to clear something about Optimizer XP, after a brief email exchange with Malcolm McGhee. Originally I blamed Optimizer XP for causing my system to crash periodically when left alone. I now believe that it was a bug in Windows XP – Microsoft recently released a patch to fix a vunerability along these lines – however Optimizer XP may have triggered it. So, my verdict: try it, though YDMV – Your Distance May Vary. It didn’t make much of a difference on my machine, but then again I may have already optimised it pretty well anyway.
CptSiskoX pointed this page out to me. It’s for PC users considering buying a Mac, or Mac users who have just migrated from the PC platform – basically Apple want to know what you’re thinking (why you want/bought a Mac, have you had any problems with it etc.). I have to applaud Apple here – it’s nice to see them taking feedback from their users.
Talking of user feedback (well… sort of), I’m a little dismayed by the response that has been given to AER – Application Error Reporting – which is included in Windows XP, IE6, Office XP and other recent MS programs. Let’s face it, people are always complaining about the stability of MS programs (though Windows XP has persuaded me that MS can create a stable OS – crashing it is difficult), and then when MS finally come up with a way of getting feedback about crashes, what do we do? We turn it off! Talk about hypocrisy…
Granted, if you are working on a document then it may get sent as part of the memory dump that is sent along with the report, but what is MS going to do with your budget report, or your essay about the influence of alcohol on modern society? And remember, there’s a ‘Don’t Send’ button, and you can view exactly what the report contains if you’re unsure. Honestly, if you distrust MS that much, go and use Linux or a Mac…
The dBpowerAMP forum is now back online, so I can continue to check out one of my favourite hang outs 🙂 What’s more, the mp3PRO Input codec has been upgraded to Release 1a so that it works on Windows 95/98 and Me – for some reason past versions would not work on these platforms. I personally don’t use it because it disables crossfading between MP3s, which is a feature I use a lot.
The french course also finished today – although it did get a little boring from time to time, in the end it has really improved the quality of my French, and has helped me learn new skills and more confidence when doing oral exams. It’s just a pity a few more of my comrades weren’t on the course.
Oh well, time to reboot – the sound has gone again. See you later!

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