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Oops… wrong language. Yes, I’ve been to that French thingy. It wasn’t bad, though it got a little boring at times. Although surprisingly I was the only student from York College (bar someone on one of the adult education courses), though I knew one of the girls from my Millthorpe years (hi Jess!) so I wasn’t totally alone. And it was organised by a friend of my mum’s, who helps to tutor me prior to oral exams.
The Ogg Vorbis petition was mentioned in Lockergnome Digital Media! Not only that, but Jake even credited me for finding it – as a result, there are now 925 signatures (at time of writing) so it’s really close to the 1000 mark. Way to go!!!
There’s now an ‘official’ unofficial ODP forum available for members of the public to read and post to, though there are a team of editors (including myself) who haunt it to answer questions and offer help. It’s a good idea – there are other forums about, such as those at Webmaster World and Search Engine Forums, but they are simply part of larger sites, whereas this is its own entity. Although it has staff support (it was suggested by them) it is still not controlled by Netscape – the baton has been handed to the meta editors in this case.

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