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Busy day

Yikes… I’ve made over 250 edits at the ODP today. Part of it was down to a minor reorganisation of Yorkshire Dales – until today it had its own editor, though he was removed – although I do know the reasons why, it is confidential so I can’t say. To put into context how many edits that is, I’ve made nearly 5500 in total at the ODP, so over 4.5% of all the edits I’ve ever made there were made today. Ouch.
Although Yorkshire Dales should be a-okay for the time being, I still have 65 blankbusts to do, plus a few greens in England/B&E to tackle. Having said that, I’m having an earlyish night since I’m going to be on a 3-day French course starting tomorrow. And I’m not looking forward to it…

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