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Silent Screencam

Those of you who actually watch my screencam may notice that it has started going totally black for long periods. Why? It’s because I’ve configured SETI to turn off its graphics after a couple of minutes. By doing so, it speeds up considerably – I’m up to nearly 25% after just 10 hours – normally it would be about 50 hours before I got there. Thanks to the guys at the ODP who suggested it.
I’m now stuck in to my second batch of blank sites on Blankbusters – fortunately I don’t have so many schools this time, and some are obvious deletes (404s or directory listings) so I can get rid of them quickly. 14 down, 86 to go…
My parents launched a surprise hair cut on me this morning, so I’ve had about half of it cut off. I’ve also had a trip into York – something that happens decresingly often – and did a little shopping, though not much. It’s for that reason that I actually have plenty of money, for once.

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